Financial Disclosure Policy

Financial Disclosure

We know what it takes to make an agreement reliable.  Whether it’s a Separation Agreement, a Marriage Contract or a Cohabitation Agreement it is imperative that both parties to the agreement have full and complete financial disclosure so they can make informed decisions.

Even the most beautifully-drafted agreements can be set aside for lack of financial disclosure.

Financial disclosure usually involves proof of each party’s income as well as proof of the value of assets and liabilities at the relevant dates.  When a business is involved this often requires a valuation of that business.

We cannot provide legal advice on an agreement until we have seen the appropriate financial disclosure.  In most cases we will not be in a position to sign a certificate of Independent Legal Advice on an agreement when disclosure is lacking.

We know it can be a pain to get this disclosure together, and sometimes a valuation can be costly.  We also know the emotional and financial cost consequences when an agreement is vulnerable to being set aside.  As lawyers, it is our job to make sure your agreements are lasting and reliable.  We also have an obligation to make sure our clients understand what they are contracting into and what they are potentially giving up.

So, there it is.  Financial disclosure.  We will help you put together what you need to satisfy your obligation to make this disclosure, and we will make sure you that you have all of the disclosure you need to make informed decisions about your family’s future.  Even if you hate us for it.