We’ve heard a lot about artificial intelligence (“AI”) lately.  Will it replace us?  Is it time to start looking for a new career?  I decided there was only one way to find out.  I asked ChatGPT…

Will family lawyers be replaced by AI?

AI can assist family lawyers by automating routine tasks, such as document review and legal research, but it cannot replace the emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills that are essential to effective family law practice.

In addition, family law cases often involve unique and individual circumstances that require a personalized approach. AI may be able to analyze data and provide recommendations based on patterns and past outcomes, but it cannot replace the creativity and intuition required to develop unique legal strategies for each case.

Overall, AI can support and enhance the work of family lawyers, but it is unlikely that it will completely replace them in the foreseeable future.”

Well there we have it.  Great news for lawyers.  I couldn’t have written it better myself.



Marian Gage is a Collaborative Family Lawyer, a Certified Specialist in Family Law and an Accredited Family/Intergenerational Mediator at MGPC.

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